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With a goal of $1 billion in philanthropic investment, Lead On: A Campaign for TCU represents our most ambitious effort to fulfill our ethical responsibilities to our students – and our mission within the global community. Philanthropic support is absolutely necessary for our continued ability to impact the greater good.

With all of us taking the lead in whatever ways we can, we can help fulfill the critical, all-important mission that unites TCU.

Are you ready to LEAD ON?

Leading the Charge: Meet the Team Steering the Campaign

With this campaign’s bold and unprecedented goals must come extraordinary individuals who can lead TCU to ever-greater achievement. At the helm of our campaign efforts are our campaign co-chairs – experienced and ethical leaders who support TCU’s mission, vision and values.

Ronald C. Parker
Campaign Co-Chair

Dee J. Kelly, Jr.
Campaign Co-Chair

Kit Tennison Moncrief
Honorary Co-Chair

J. Luther King, Jr.
Honorary Co-Chair

In addition to our co-chairs, our National Campaign Committee lends tremendous support and leadership – championing TCU and its impact on the world. Every day, these volunteers help us move in a bigger, bolder direction.

  • Kelly Barnes
  • William Bennett
  • Brent Blackburn
  • Whitnee Boyd
  • Sabrina Callin
  • Vicki Cantwell
  • Anne Carvalho
  • Mandy Castro
  • Sarah Cullen
  • H. Kirk Downey
  • Jennifer Eagle
  • Ashley Edens
  • Craig Felner
  • Arnie Gachman
  • Dan Grable
  • Brian Hoesterey
  • Marie Louise Kinder
  • Paul Lucas
  • Steven Mafrige
  • David May
  • Garrett Milliken
  • Carrie Moore
  • Elaine Moore
  • Ryan Morgan
  • Jim Mosby
  • Mike Mullins
  • Mary Mulry
  • Mike Murphy
  • Lauren Nixon
  • Paula Parker
  • Ron Parker
  • Victor Payne
  • John Rutherford
  • Geoff Seiber
  • Sonya Shore
  • Marion Story
  • Linda Wassenich
  • Mark Wassenich
  • Abbey Widick
  • Daniel Williams

Within TCU, our campaign is led by some of our most accomplished and hardworking leaders, those whose service and leadership have helped propel TCU to new heights within recent years.

Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

Don Whelan
Vice Chancellor,
University Advancement

David Nolan
Associate Vice Chancellor
Campaign Director